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Milton Evergreen Cemetery Tree Carvings and Sculptures:

Evergreen Cemetery is designed as a public park open to the public. Our tree
carvings are a very special addition with several trees taking on new lives - a unique way of preserving trees!

** We are particularly proud to recognize our Veterans with this special Soldier carving which incorporates features from Milton's two War Memorials located in Victoria Park and in Haltonville.

The Cemetery Board wanted to incorporate some unique features throughout the
grounds for those who visit the final resting place of our citizens. Visitors
are encouraged to enjoy the carvings, gardens, scenery and walkways with

Tree Carver, Jim Menken, who was a teacher, now enjoys sharing his artistic
talents doing tree sculptures and working outdoors. Jim uses multiple chain
saws and hand paints each one before sealing it.

The carvings, as shown in these photos, also include raccoons, bears, red foxes,
owls, beavers, numerous birds and Aboriginal Facial carvings.




















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