Grave Plantings

Planting regulations are outlined in the Cemetery By-laws. Winter wreaths are allowed from November 1st to April 15th. Artificial flowers are not allowed during the summer months on the grave or memorial stone and will be removed by the cemetery staff.

Dwarf trees or shrubs are allowed on lots when planted beside the monuments. They must not grow higher than the monument or encroach on neighbouring lots. Staff will trim or remove any trees or shrubs which are unsightly or detrimental, without notice.

Flower beds are permitted at the head (monument end) of the grave extending a maximum of 16 inches from the front of the monument. Flower beds not being properly maintained will be removed by the Cemetery staff.

Concrete, plastic or granite borders, are allowed to mark the garden in front of the memorial. If these gardens are not maintained the Cemetery staff will remove them without notice. Fences, copings, railings, walls and hedges around graves or gardens are not allowed.
Water taps are located around the grounds for those wishing to water shrubs or gardens. Please ensure taps are turned off firmly.

Milton Evergreen Cemetery
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